Wednesday, October 16, 2013

across the ocean and what came before: House of Grey

There have been some pretty epic changes in my life since I last wrote anything, and some of that change will definitely be flowing into the blog.  The very, very short version is that I am now living in Scotland and am studying for my MFA in Performance Costume.

But before all of that, my last post from the end of May sort of left things hanging, and it's high time to let you all know what was up!  During the summer, my friend Nicole and I started up a little steampunk venture, making ladies hats and accessories.  We wanted to create unique items that didn't look like anything else currently available, and used a lot of of antique and vintage trims and fabrics when making these pieces. 

We called our shop House of Grey, and our etsy store is up and running! 

Here are some of the items which I made for the shop, and Nicole posted some of her work a little while ago on her blog as well.

Fully functioning headphones of cast bronze and plastic with fabric covered cushions and inset stones.  I made these a few years ago during a metals course in university, but they fit very well with the aesthetics of the shop.

And of course, hats!  They're all built on buckrum and wire bases, and I developed a new pattern for each one... no repeats!


And of course there are handbags as well, like this one made of and lined with silk taffeta on an antique accordian clasp.

And while moving overseas certainly changes some things, I don't intend to let my now being in Scotland prevent me from making more pieces for House of Grey.  Obviously I'll have to fit things around my masters work, but I'll still make and add things whenever I'm able.