Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Something is definitely afoot!

I've actually been quite busy these last few weeks, as aside from my new, summer job as a historical interpreter, I've also been scheming and working on something pretty awesome with my partner-in-crime Nicole.  We're not quite off the ground yet, but you can expect to hear all about it within the next month.  This picture shows you just a sliver of what we've been working on, and I can hardly wait to really get going!

Until then, I've got plenty keeping me occupied.  Life goes in a steady flow of work, sewing, sketching, tumblr, work, sewing/netflix, sewing, work, falling asleep over dinner, etc.  The sewing area has fallen into a level of lived-in untidiness, and I'm sort of hovering between intense inspiration and utter exhaustion.  It's not half bad.


  1. Are you working on something Elizabethan? That headdress-looking-type-thing in the first and second images looks slightly like a gable hood. Though, I've never made one before so I'm probably way off.