Friday, August 31, 2012

Deep inside the comfort zone

When some people are melancholy they tend to comfort eat.  I, on the other hand, go off my food and instead comfort paint.

Even if I have a mountain of things which really Need To Be Done, I'll set it all aside and paint something familiar and easy and mindless with no other intent than to be doing.  I'm not trying to make great (or even good) art.  Most of the time it's a small-ish oil painting... there's something very soothing about mixing colors and the physicality of manipulating paint, without having the pressure of meeting any sort of expectations.

Here are a couple "comfort paintings" which I did recently.  Both are about 9x12 inches.  Neither are terribly good, but I kind of wanted to share this side of myself anyway.

One of these days I'll stop being obsessed by Bill Kaulitz's face.  Maybe.  But until that point, images of him will always make me feel better.

And this one was based off a stock image which I'd found on deviantArt.  It's kind of hard to not relax when drawing/painting pretty girls.  Although I suppose this one ended up a little bit dark.

Like I said, no real thought behind either painting, and they clearly show what I'm super comfortable painting... people/portraits/no-real-background-to-speak-of.  The 'comfort zone' is called that for a very good reason.