Thursday, October 24, 2013

Making for the men- an 1825 dress coat

When it comes to constructing costumes for the 1820s (and really, for the majority of all time periods) I'm far more familiar with women's clothing than with men's.  To start to gain that familiarity with the shape and inner structure of men's clothing, I'm putting together a muslin of the 1825 Dress Coat from the book Cut of Men's Clothes.  I'm not sizing it in any way, just scaling up and making a mock-up in the original size.  The idea is to be able to understand the garment so that when I get around to making the actual pieces for my project, I'll know how and where I want to deviate.  The coat is actually really small; it might even be a decent size for me!

I scaled the pattern up by hand, which was super easy to do once my tutor told me a little trick... since the measure at the side of the page isn't a nice and neat 1/8 to an inch, draw a grid (or partial grid) over the pattern and then cut the scale off the side of the page to use as a sort of mini-ruler.  Such a common sense solution.  I couldn't believe I'd never thought of that before...

The muslin is currently all cut out and partially constructed, and I should hopefully finish putting together tomorrow.

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