Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Calling Card and the Start of New Things

'Calling Card' created for my Design Methods in Context course.
The drawing illustrates the costuming themes I'm currently obsessed with, alongside a brief summary of my recent work/education experiences.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have recently moved to Scotland, and am in fact attending the University of Edinburgh College of Art doing a two year MFA program in Performance Costume.  Moving overseas was definitely kind of stressful... and it was really hard paring down my books and fabric stash and general possessions prior to moving.  I now own less that I ever have since I was a teenager before college, which feels super strange.  However, I am now settled in Edinburgh for the immediate future, and am really looking forward to seeing where the next couple years take me.

So what does this all mean for the blog?  Well, as it so happens, keeping a reflective journal of my research and current work is one of the key elements of my course.  I initially started a new, private blog where I began to write about and record my project, but on reflection I think it would make more sense to just integrate the journal into this blog.  For the next two years, the majority of my costuming and artwork will revolve heavily around my masters work, and I'm afraid if I don't include that work here, this blog will just sort of languish... a very undesirable fate!

The next few posts will contain journal entries from the last couple weeks, but in a day or two should transition into 'real time'.  My program is almost entirely self-directed, so it'll be great to interact with people and get feedback about my project here as well as in real life.


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