Costume Gallery

Here you can find a compendium of my personal costume projects.

Costumes are ordered by the general dates in which I made them, not chronologically by era.  Most recent are at the top, with the oldest at the bottom.  Clicking the link about the image will take you to the page for that costume.  This section is still a work in progress, and links will go live as I add pages for older projects.

1860s Wool Paletot - Nov 2009

1863 Ballgown - Oct 2009

1860s Cotton Print Day Dress - June 2009

1840 Voile Day Dress: BFA Senior Show - Spring 2009

1830 Silk Day Dress: BFA Senior Show - Spring 2009

1820 Silk Taffeta Evening Gown: BFA Senior Show - Spring 2009

1810 Dotted Swiss Walking Dress: BFA Senior Show - Spring 2009

The Fairytale: BFA Senior Show - late 2008/Spring 2009

Commissioned Irish Dance Dress - Summer 2008

Sleepy Hollow: Katrina van Tassel - Summer 2007

1560s Doublet and Skirt - Summer 2006

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  1. Beautiful costumes! You're very talented! Would you be able to do a Lady Van Tassel dress?