Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A break (of sorts).

I got a decent start on the 1790s gown, but due to issues with my hands/wrists I laid aside all personal sewing projects about a week before the ball and since then have been solely restricting my sewing to work.  Hopefully my hands just need a good rest, and I can get back to my own sewing projects soon.  Lord knows there's a lot on my list!

In the meantime I've been busy finding a new place to live and all the hoop-la that surrounds leasing and moving etc.  In a few weeks I'll be happily ensconced in a lovely little Victorian house with two other girls, and will have a lot of fun re-painting and decorating.  There's a detached garage which I'll eventually turn into an art studio, and I'm really looking forward to setting it all up and working there.

Fortunately, my poor hands aren't half as bothered by drawing as they are by sewing, and I recently finished a charcoal portrait of my friend, Nicole.