Monday, March 30, 2015

An end is in sight

Contrary to what the utter lack of posting lately has indicated, I have in fact been very very busy making and designing things. That said, I very much do NOT recommend going through a bad depressive episode during grad school. That way lies misery, guilt, and sorrow. However, thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, I have been able to pick myself up these past couple months and have made real progress towards my final MFA degree show.

Naturally, however, the catwalk show which occurs before the degree show is only four weeks away and there is still SO MUCH to finish! With depression somewhat subdued, I am no longer spending my days struggling to get out of bed, but instead spending my days convincing myself that I don't need to pick up a million new hobbies and projects immediately...

After May I can sew for myself and pick up tablet weaving and make all the bath bombs and perfumes and incenses that I like (and post some of the many, MANY blog posts I have already planned and sort of drafted). For now I have a design book to finish, and a hussar inspired Queen and an 1820s Devil to make.

Til then, here are a few pictures I snapped behind the scenes at a recent photoshoot (for show promo etc.). I had chosen two costumes in the photoshoot, both of the same main character from my story The Girl Without Hands. My two lovely models, Poppy and Charlotte, are both undergraduates in the Performance Costume programme at ECA. I can't wait to post some of the resulting official photos later... they turned out beautifully!


  1. *super big hugs* I'm so sorry you went through that. If you need to talk or vent about it, I know we don't know each other well, but I am willing to listen. My email is isabelladangelo at gmail dot com - just email me for my phone.

    The dresses in the photoshoot look fabulous! I really like the blue underskirt on the white dress - is that a sari?

    1. Thanks, Isabella!! Sometimes it helps just to know someone is willing to be there. :)

      The puffed bottom of the underskirt is made of several layers of grey netting and tulle with a grey net dupatta embroidered in gold on top. Similar in appearance and embellishment to a sari, but used as a veil or scarf instead.

    2. Honestly, anytime. I know how hard it can be to go through that.

      I love using dupattas as well. I really love the look of the white dress - almost snow queen ish.

  2. Beautiful costumes! I am glad you have been able to get back on the bandwagon, it is SO hard to muster any kind of energy in the middle of a depression.

    LOVE those "gloves"! Such a cool technique that highlights the delicacy of your model's arms/hands while giving the impression of gloves.

  3. Thank you! It was really really hard for me at first to be willing to talk openly about depression, and even though things are definitely getting better now I still debated long and hard as to whether I should mention it or not. :/

    And I spent soooo long working on physical fake prosthetic silver hands too, only to turn to paint and silver lace for the photoshoot! I'm still working on those prosthetic hands as I need them for my future exhibit, but sometimes the simplest solutions really are the best.