Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sketches from UTR

If doing something twice constitutes the beginning of a habit, then I have effectively formed the habit of doing little sketches of friends and acquaintances at reenactments.

I had enormous amounts of fun with this at Under the Redcoat, and even though I'm shockingly late posting about it, I wanted to share my drawings from the event.  Like last time, they are all fairly small (so as to fit in my drawing box) and are roughly 5x7" each. 


Other-Sarah churning ice cream
Other-Sarah making ice cream

Sarah- 1st go 'round
I like this little sketch, but utterly failed to capture her likeness.  This was highly irritating.  See below.

Sarah and Jenny
Sarah (again) and Jenny
As you can see, for a brief while I switched from charcoal to graphite pencil... I was incredibly frustrated by my lack of ability to capture Sarah's likeness when initially using charcoal.  The second drawing was even worse (really bad in fact, and I can assure you it will never be posted anywhere online!) so I gave the graphite a try.  On this third go, this time in graphite, it wasn't totally awful so I let it be.

I feel like an invisible challenge has been laid down though.  Sarah is such an animated and vivacious person that capturing her in a flat, still format felt somehow a little unnatural and far more difficult than I had anticipated.  I will have to try again when I next see her.  And maybe again and again...

Right before I was about to leave for the day, I saw Abby walking across Market Square, rushed up to speak with her, and she kindly agreed to sit for me.   As we sat there (she very still and I sketching quickly) a lot of people apparently came up to see what was going on.   This included the official CW photographer who even videoed us.  I was blithely unaware of most of our audience however... I hadn't even realized how much I block out my surroundings when I'm drawing!  If there'd been an attack, I'd probably have died first.

Conclusion- I'll definitely be doing this drawing schtick again at my next reenactment.  I love being able to engage peoples' interest in a slightly different way than normal, and I'd really like to start building up an impression around the idea of a traveling portraitist.  Lots of very vague ideas at the moment, but it could certainly become something.


  1. I am really enjoying your sketches! Keep up the good work.


  2. Beautiful work! Really glad to see these up.

    -Sarah T-A

  3. This is really fascinating - and it's a great idea to become a traveling portraitist!
    We definately have to see more of your amazing skills...and your miniature portraits (mentioned in an earlier post)!

  4. I feel like a copycat but I definitely want to take some drawingg supplies with me to our next costume outing now ! Your sketches are amazing - as usual I must say.

  5. OH MY GOD. These are absolutely, incredibly gorgeous! I'm truly impressed by your skills. I hope I'm at an event with you so you can draw me :)

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Sabine- I'll hopefully be posting more miniature stuff quite soon... I'm almost finished with the one I posted about previously. :)

    Green-Martha- I don't know if it counts as being a copy-cat if a whole ocean seperates our events! ;) You should definitely take drawing supplies around too, it's SO much fun and a great way to interact with the public!

    Taylor- Um, you're going to be at Jenny's Regency evening this Saturday, right? Just sayin'.

  7. Those are wonderful sketches! I'm sad I missed seeing it on Saturday. I bet it would have been fun to watch you sketch.

  8. You're coming, too!? Yay!