Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just a fly-by

I've been quite busy recently, and have spent the last week or two since my last post up to my ears in painting/researching/planning my future.

First miniature is underway, and I promise I'll post about that soon.  I've discovered that, perhaps due to the small scale (to which I'm still adjusting), I can only work on it during daylight hours.  If I want to work on it after dusk I'll need to finally buy a decent flexible lamp.  Since the bulk of my days are taken up with my regular 8-5 job, I don't have a lot of daylight once I've gotten home and eaten dinner and regained a bit of energy.  As this means I can't really work on the miniature during the week, I also started a new oil painting.  It's kind of steampunkish, and I'm really hoping it turns out half as good as it looks in my imagination.

Getting back into "serious" painting fits into the whole "planning my future" bit I mentioned in my first sentence.  I have lots of ideas for new pieces, and lots of ambitions regarding heading towards an eventual art career.  However, nothing will ever happen until I put together decent, and coherent, body of work.  That is my goal for the summer.  Also been reading lots about art fairs and visiting local galleries etc.  It's all rather frightening, but not, I think, unachievable.

And totally unrelated to anything else, just check out John Singer Sargent's studio!

I can only imagine working in a space like that... but I suppose sheer genius deserves the best.

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